Disc Backup Utility


Picture of utility

The FlippyDrive provides an integrated disc backup utility. This program will read and checksum the current disc loaded in the drive while saving it to the current storage device. Usually this storage destination is the SD card, although you can backup to your computer over the network in WiFi and Ethernet mode if they are set as default as described in the configuration file.

Stored disc images are immediately usable in cubeboot.

The backup utility provides two modes, both of which store disc images accurately although using different mechanisms.

Fast Mode

The FlippyDrive will snoop on drive traffic in fast mode and attempt to store data as it is streaming by. This will likely succeed in SD mode and will likely fail in Network modes. The program will inform you if the FlippyDrive storage medium cannot keep up and the transfer will abort.

Fallback Mode

Fallback mode uses a two step transfer, where data is loaded from disc into GameCube memory then sent to the FlippyDrive for storage. This allows the FlippyDrive backing storage arbitrary time to write the data although the transfer rates will be reduced significantly.