Using the FlippyDrive

SD Card

You can use any SDHC/SDXC card with FlippyDrive. We do not suggest using SD Cards with a capacity less than 4GB as those may have compatibility issues.

SD Card Setup

In order to use the FlippyDrive you must first format the SD card or configure Wi-Fi to target a desktop machine.

Make sure your SD card is formatted with exFAT or FAT32. We suggest using exFAT as it is a more modern standard.

SD Card Files

Once your SD card is formatted you can place .ISO, .GCM, or .FDI files in the root of the SD card.


Currently only files ending in .ISO are detected by cubeboot. If you have a GCM or NKIT file, simply rename it to ISO. Folders are not currently supported. This will change in the future.


Now that you have your SD card setup you can insert it into the FlippyDrive and power on your GameCube.


When booting the GameCube using FlippyDrive you have three options:

Update Mode

If you hold down the X button on the P1 controller it will start a software update.

Passthrough Mode

If you hold down the L trigger on the P1 controller when powering on the console, it will force the GameCube to start the disc in passthrough mode.

Currently a pass-through mode is done by fully rebooting the console and handing off control to the drive. This means that it does not support loading games from other regions yet as your cube and drive behave as if there is no modchip installed. This feature will be added in a future software update.

Normal Mode

If you do not hold down any buttons while the GameCube is turning on, it will boot directly into Cubeboot. However if you have placed a boot.dol file in the root of your SD card it will boot that program instead.

Cubeboot will play the GameCube startup animation and then jump directly into the Cubeboot Loader which allows you to select a game to play.

You can navigate the loader with the analog stick and press a to select a game. If you do not want to start that game simply press B to get back to the list of games.

Once you are ready to play press start on the game select screen and it will immediately boot the game.

See also

If you experience any issues during gameplay please reference the compatibility page and submit a bug report using the form.

For FlippyDrive bugs go to Troubleshooting For Game related issues while using FlippyDrive check Game Compatibility and submit a bug report.