Configuration Files

The FlippyDrive and cubeboot can be configured using a configuration file. The configuration file is a simple ini file with sections.

Configuration File Format

The configuration file is a simple ini file with sections. The sections are used to group the configuration options.

Create an text file on the root of your SD card called config.ini. The file should look similar to the example in the following section. Note that the settings file must include the [cubeboot] section header.

Example Configuration file:


# Support rgb hex colors aka websafe colors
cube_color = 660089

# Enable booting through Swiss for all games
force_swiss_default = 0

# Force progressive scan inside the IPL menu
force_progressive = 0

# Used for waiting for GCVideo to initialize
preboot_delay_ms = 0


# All network features require a server to be set and running the FlippyDrive app
# WiFi connections also require a ssid and password

# Sets the network interface as the default disc device (active is 1)
# cubeboot can use other network features regardless of setting
is_default = 0

# Server IP address, in either ipv4 or ipv6
server =

# SSID of your network
ssid = FBIWhiteVan

# Network key
password = JEdgarHooverDidNothingWrong